Oak Wood School

Senior Leadership Team

Mr D Cowling - Headteacher

“I have a vision of Oak Wood School as a centre of excellence that will set an example in the local area and beyond, developing a reputation of success built on our core values; We Dream, We Learn, We Grow. I believe that an outstanding education is one that enables our students to excel across a broad range of subjects, including the creative arts, and gives them the chance to achieve outside the classroom as well as in it. This gives them fantastic opportunities to develop their social skills while having fun and creating memories that will stay with them forever.”

Mr B Jane - Deputy Headteacher (Student Support & Progress/DSL)

"Oak Wood is a school where every student has the opportunity to achieve, because we understand that achievement is different for every student. We work very hard to ensure our young people leave Oak Wood with the best opportunities for success in an ever-changing World."

Mr A Lazarevic - Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum & Achievement)

"At Oak Wood School we strive for excellence in every aspect of our work.  We will work hard to provide a safe and happy environment within which every student can grow and achieve personal, social and academic success.  Oak Wood can make a real difference to the life chances of our students so that they grow into confident, active and socially responsible citizens."

Miss A Charlebois - Assistant Headteacher (Teaching & Learning)

"At Oak Wood School, we strive to be the best we can be. I believe that all staff have high expectations for themselves and all students. Education is the key for all doors to open in the future for our students and we want them to Dream, to Learn and to Grow to be the best world citizen we can help them be. The dedication of staff towards rapid progress of students and celebrating all successes with them is one of our many strengths. We know that all students learn in different ways and we spend a lot time planning to make sure all students can flourish in their own way. The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. We are dedicated to able all students to be life-long learners and have all the tools they need for the brightest future."

Miss K Eves - Assistant Headteacher (Teaching & Learning)

"Oak Wood is more than just a school, it is a community where everyone is valued and respected. We realise that everyone is an individual and all are encouraged and supported to achieve their personal dreams and aspirations. We believe in stretching students of all abilities, to help them strive for their best and become successful members of the wider society."

Miss T Naidu - Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage 4)

"I believe that every pupil has the potential to succeed and that obstacles can be overcome with persistence and support. As a professional I have the highest expectations from pupils so they are able to grasp opportunities and move on to pursue high-level apprenticeships, universities including those from the Russell Group, and successful careers. It is my aim to prepare pupils to brace themselves for challenge, with courage, so that they become resilient individuals. Success does not come cheaply. Parents, pupils and staff must work together to demonstrate courage and challenge to ensure that everybody flourishes and succeeds."

Mrs J Richards - Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage 3)

"At Oak Wood School we strive to be the match that ignites student's learning. We endeavour that all students will leave our school as successful, confident and articulate individuals who are equipped for what comes next - whatever that may be. Oak Wood School aims to serve the community and all those that walk through our doors. We are inclusive to all and promote tolerance and kindness as core values to our students. School life, in these walls, is not simply about attending lessons, it is about growing as an individual and becoming prepared for the life outside. Socrates believed, 'To find yourself, think for yourself.' At Oak Wood School we hope that we can inspire all students to become independent thinkers on their journey of lifelong learning."

Mr E Spary - Assistant Headteacher (SENDCo)

"Whether a student, parent, or member of staff, when you join Oak Wood you become part of a dedicated, caring and supportive community. We are known for our inclusive ethos that focuses on the growth of the whole child, but we also take great pride in our collaboration with parents and in our excellent opportunities for staff to develop their practice."

Miss E Turner - Assistant Headteacher (Student Development)

"Oak Wood School is in the heart of the community and the staff who work here. Our role is to help every single student achieve their best regardless of their starting point. Accepting nothing but the best from our students in behaviour, resilience, attitude to learning, uniform and being part of the community helps prepare them for the world beyond education."

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop".

Mr H Aslam - Associate Assistant Headteacher

"I enjoy working at Oak Wood School because we give every student an opportunity to achieve and build resilience to succeed in the real world.  The unique thing about Oak Wood School is that no two days are the same and that allows teachers to challenge and stretch students of all abilities.  We have dedicated staff who go above and beyond for our students. Together we dream, we learn and we grow."

Mr R Curley - Associate Assistant Headteacher (Head of Sixth Form)

"As a centre we want to challenge pupils’ expectations of themselves by exposing them to opportunities they have never considered and supporting them in their aspirations. We want to help develop lifelong learners who have the confidence, the skills and the knowledge to explore any opportunity in their future."

 Miss E Dawkins - Associate Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage 4)

"Oak Wood School provides a rich curriculum for all pupils to flourish and thrive for excellence in order to reach their potential. This is supported by welcoming, caring and dedicated staff in a happy, safe, secure and engaging learning environment that underpins the school motto; we dream, we learn, we grow."

Miss A Titchmarsh - Associate Assistant Headteacher (Key Stage 3)