Oak Wood School

Transition Advice - 2019

We asked a group of Year 7 students to offer advice to the students that will be starting with us in September 2019.

What is the best thing about Oak Wood School?

Ollie: "The best thing about Oak Wood School are the teachers are very polite and it is a nice building."

Zhane: "The teachers are really nice and will support you."

What advice would you wish you were given before you started at Oak Wood School?

Lily: "Make sure you know about the warning systems. It's very clear but just takes a bit of time to get used to. There are lots of rewards that teachers give out which is great."

Nimco: " I wish I hadn't got myself so stressed out about starting at Oak Wood School. The staff were really helpful and supportive, and I love it here."

Tell us about a normal day at Oak Wood School.

Lenny: "Lots of great lessons and time with friends. I can't wait to meet the new Year 7s and welcome them to Oak Wood School."

Timothy: "We have a mix of learning opportunites and time to play with our friends. This school rocks!"

What are your favourite subjects and why?

Takwa: "My favourite subjects are art, ICT and religious studies. I find these subjects fun as I am quite creative. They also give me a better understanding of the things I don't know."

Mohammed: "I love science. We get to do experiments and have even been outside to launch a rocket!"

What would you change about Oak Wood School?

Aliya: "Sometimes the lunch queue can be quite long, especially on a Friday when they sell fish and chips."

Antonina: "I wouldn't change anything because I think that Oak Wood is a really good school."

Robert: "I wish there were more PE and ICT lessons."

Camir: "PE because there are very fun stuff you can do 😁."

Ollie: "My favourite subject is PE. The teachers do all they can to make me better and support me. They are determined to make us all better sports men and women."

What is your favourite memory from this year?

Camir: "We went to HOAC in September and built rafts in teams. We then raced each other across a lake and some people fell in - it was great fun!"

Dilara: "I've made loads of new friends and got to know loads of new people."

Ralph: "There have been loads of great lessons where I've been able to improve and make progress - my favourite memory is from maths, with such a good teacher who always supports me."