Oak Wood School

Options - FAQs

What are ‘options’?

Over the past two years, your son/daughter has attended a range of subjects. The options process is their chance to select the subjects they would like to focus on for their GCSEs, and leave behind the subjects they haven’t enjoyed.

Can my child select any subject?

All students will automatically be given English, Maths and Science, as well as PSHE and core PE. This booklet contains an overview of all subjects, including the subjects they will choose between.

How long will they study these subjects for?

They will start studying these subjects in September 2020 for 3 years, sitting their GCSE exams in 2023. This gives them 3 years to develop the skills and knowledge required for the new, tougher GCSEs.

How long do we have to decide?

The deadline for forms to be returned to us is Thursday 19th March 2020. 

What if they like a subject but don’t select it as an option. Can they still take part in some way?

They won’t have lessons on their timetable for these subjects, but they could still take part in after-school clubs. For example, if a student doesn’t select art, they could still attend after school clubs for this subject to broaden their curriculum.

What can I do to help my son/daughter make a decision?

Talk to them about the subjects they would like to choose, make sure they speak to staff about the subject and how the course if assessed. It’s also a good idea to talk to people who sat the subject recently, so a cousin who sat GCSE Business last year would be a good person to talk to if that subject interests you.

What if my son/daughter changes his/her mind about a subject?

The sooner we know what subjects the students are selecting, the sooner we can write the school timetable. Changes often happen, so it’s great to let us know asap if there are changes. Once the students start the subject in September, we do allow them to move to another subject if the course isn’t right for them. The main issue here is that the other subjects may be full, so options may be more limited. We require a letter from a parent/guardian in order to authorise this move.

Will my child get the options they choose?

This is where the ranking element comes in useful. We work very hard to ensure students that choose a subject as their first and second choice are given that option. If you select an option as your 5th choice, for example, it’s less likely you will get that subjects (but still possible). If you 100% want to do a certain subject, put it as your first choice!

I want my son/daughter to do one subject, but they want to do something else. What do I do?

They will be the one sitting the GCSE, not you. Whilst it is good for you to offer advice and support, the child will be the one sat in lesson and studying that subject. If they don’t enjoy it, they are less likely to succeed. Talk to them about your preferences, but allow them to make the options choices themselves.

Can I do Design Technology and Construction?

Yes, these are two practical subjects with different skills being assessed and different course codes (so they will both still count for you and the school). Read the options booklet or speak to the relevant staff if you are interested in either of these two subjects.

****Forms need to be returned to the school office by Thursday 19th March 2020****