Oak Wood School

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Mrs L Moneypenny

Well, this is my fifth year at Oak Wood and I am still very happy to be here. I have been teaching since 2005, and although at 49 I am getting longer in the tooth, I have managed to keep up with the whirlwind that is educational change over the last 12 years.


I have taught at three schools in total, all very different yet all committed to doing the best for their pupils. My specialisms are Film/Media and English - particularly literature A-level - and I have been fortunate enough to teach all of these subjects at Oak Wood. One thing that surprised me here is the strong aspirations of the pupils; there is a genuine and very focused will to succeed that in truth, I have not seen before.


From a teaching point of view this is a wonderful thing!


Here, I feel that I really do make a difference and not just from the perspective of teaching ambitious pupils. The school is staffed by a very dedicated group of professionals, all of whom work together not only to help pupils work towards excellent outcomes concerning attainment but also to foster a love of learning. Our girls and boys view their school experience as a period of personal as well as academic growth.


I am a Year 13 form tutor and over the last 5 years I am proud to have contributed to pupils leaving school to embark on degree courses at first-rate institutions, such as LSE, UCL and Sheffield. Others have gone on to Higher Level Apprenticeships in places such as the Department for Education in the Civil Service. I am a firm believer in social mobility and we have some of the brightest minds I have come across in my career; pupils who deserve to shine and to lead.


As we move into our new building (which I am still very excited about having visited it on a tour yesterday), I am very much looking forward to the future at Oak Wood.


Bring on the next 5 years!