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Oak Wood School


We firmly believe that learning in the classroom is improved when students are properly engaged outside of it. Therefore we offer a lot more than academic excellence. We offer a range of activities that take place outside of the classroom and are designed to inspire, deepen and broaden skills, knowledge and experience.

Regular visits take place abroad and to museums, art galleries, concerts, plays and sporting events. In addition, a well-resourced library is available before, during and after school for students to do homework and engage in independent study.

An extensive programme of extra-curricular activities is available and provides an added dimension to students’ education. Sport, the creative arts and ICT are particularly popular. The performing arts also form an integral part in the school community with a number of concerts and musical performances taking place throughout the year.

On top of this, our long-running community awareness initiative means that we are engaged with local, national and international causes, ensuring that students develop a sense of citizenship.