Oak Wood School

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What teacher is like you?

Mr Rice = Lion

Mr Jane = Teddy Bear

Ms Chaudri = Clownfish

Mrs Sullivan = Dolphin

Miss Keen = Falcon

Dr Gautam = Black Bear

Mr Aslam = Panther

Miss Selvaraj = Seahorse

Miss Vadera = Seahorse

Miss Sethis = Seahorse

Mrs Dragon = Black Bear

Mrs Clark = Teddy Bear

Miss Turner = Lion

Miss Gule = Polar Bear

Mr Messenger = Black Bear

Miss Zhou = Black Bear 

Mrs G Hare = Teddy Bear 

Miss Van Der Wal = Clownfish 

Miss Shelvey = Seahorse

Mr Kennedy = Dolphin 

Mrs Foran = Cat

Miss Ocana = Falcon

Miss Gentle-Marshall = Seahorse

Mr Bailey = Seahorse

Mrs Simkins = Cat

Miss Stevens = Teddy Bear 

Miss Wright = Eagle

Mrs Spencer = Black Bear 

Miss Sills = Polar Bear 

Mrs Bolton = Eagle 

Mrs Fisher = Koala Bear

Mr Dhillon = Dolphin

Mrs Gough = Barn Owl 

Mrs Webley = Seahorse 

Mrs Donovan = Polar Bear 

Mrs Matthams = Black Bear 

Mrs O'Driscoll = Polar Bear 

Mrs A Hare = Koala Bear 

Miss Weldon = Polar Bear 

Miss Eves = Polar Bear 

Mr Vaughan = Polar Bear 

Miss Edwards = Barn Owl 

Miss Moneypenny = Barn Owl 

Mrs Wilcox = Black Bear 

Miss Bott = Teddy Bear